WebGL:Shadows in GLGE

I’ve spent the last week getting shadows working in GLGE. It’s taken way longer then I was expected as rendering a depth map to a texture doesn’t seem to be working in any browsers and checking out the firefox code it would seem it’s just not supported there yet.  So I’ve had to hack it bit, encoding and decoding the depth from the rgb values. It works but it’s a quite intensive. It also works on firefox but it’s still slow, hopefully I’ll be able to figure out why it’s going so slow at some point

In addition this week I’ve added parsing of color value attributes in the XML so you can now specfy light/material colours using the normal HTML syntax ie “#ff0000″ “red” “rgb(255,0,0)”. I also sorted out the ambient lighting properly which until now was just tacked on top.

See the latest demo over at GLGE.org