About Me

Name: Paul Brunt
Age: Not 30 Yet!
Occupation: Web Developer
Education: Physics BSc
Interests: Programming, CG,
Animation, Maths,
Tech Stuff

SVG Flip

I decided to see what SVG was capable of so I set about creating a page turning document.

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Posts Tagged ‘animation’

QAV Cartoon

This is just a little advert I made using blender for the 3D animation. For more info on QAV see the q-acoustics website at: http://www.q-acoustics.co.uk. Inspired by Dilbert …Read More

Blender Game Test

Here is a little something I’ve been working on. Not really a game just me learning to use the BGE, forgive the jurky nature of the video the capturing was causing issues with the game …Read More

My First Blender Animation

This took me 2 weekends to make and about a month before that learning how to animate but here is my first attempt: …Read More